What is a centrifuge and what is it used for?  Where to find different kind of centrifuge? 
Centrifuge is the use of centrifugal force, the separation of liquid and solid particles or liquid and liquid mixture of the components of the machinery. Centrifuges are used primarily to separate solid particles in suspension from liquids or to separate two liquids of mutually different density in the emulsion (eg, cream separated from milk); it can also be used to exclude Wet solids in liquids, such as wet clothes washing machines; special speeding tube separators can also separate gas mixtures of different densities; the use of different density or particle size of the solid particles in the liquid sedimentation rate of different characteristics, and some settlement Centrifuges can also classify solid particles by density or particle size. Centrifuges are widely used in chemical, petroleum, food, pharmaceutical, mineral processing, coal, water treatment and shipping and other departments.
 The choice of the centrifuge depends on the size and concentration of the solid particles in the suspension (or emulsion), the density difference between the solid and the liquid (or both), the viscosity of the liquid, and the characteristics of the residue (or sediment). Can refer to "Selection of centrifuges and safe use [Selection Guide]."
The difference between the host is in terms of performance, with frozen centrifuges much more expensive than ordinary, and some centrifuges have heating function, the more the control program, the higher the price of centrifuges. Big difference is the configuration, sometimes the attachment price will be higher than the host price. Attention should be paid to choose, in addition to the host, the choice of rotor (number and type), together with the necessary centrifuge tube, tube, special centrifuge bottle or blood bag, all of these add up to a complete centrifuge price.
According to the separation factor Fr value points
Centrifuges can be divided into the following types:
1, constant speed centrifuge
Fr ≤ 3500 (usually 600 ~ 1200), this centrifuge lower speed, larger diameter.
2, high-speed centrifuge
Fr = 3500 ~ 50000, this centrifuge speed is higher, the general drum diameter smaller, while the length is longer.
3, ultra-high-speed centrifuge
Fr> 50000, due to high speed (50000r / min or more), so the drum made of slender tube.
Separation factor Fr refers to the material in the centrifugal field suffered centrifugal force, and the material in the gravitational field by the gravity ratio.

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