Capacitance, resistance moisture analyzer and infrared, halogen moisture analyzer
Resistive and Capacitive moisture meter (Resistive and Capacitive moisture meter), which is based on the quantitative relationship between moisture and resistance values ​​and capacitance values ​​in a sample, converts a resistance value or a capacitance value into a measurable quantity of electricity. The measurement of the amount of electricity gives the moisture value in the measured sample.
Infrared moisture analyzer, designed using thermogravimetric principle, is a new type of rapid moisture detection instrument. Moisture analyzer measures the weight of the sample, while the infrared heating unit and moisture evaporation channel quickly dry the sample. During the drying process, the moisture analyzer continuously measures and immediately displays the lost moisture content of the sample. After the drying process is completed, the final moisture content is determined. The value is locked for display. Compared with the international oven heating method, infrared heating can reach the maximum heating power in the shortest time, and the sample is quickly dried at high temperature. The detection results are in good agreement with the national standard oven method, and it is replaceable, and the detection efficiency is much higher. In the oven method. General samples take only a few minutes to complete the measurement.
Application area
Infrared fast moisture analyzer can be widely used in all industries that need rapid moisture measurement, such as medicine, food, feed, seeds, rapeseed, dehydrated vegetables, tobacco, chemicals, tea, food, meat and textiles, agriculture, forestry, paper, rubber , plastics, textiles and other industries in the laboratory and production process.
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