Brief introduction of column thermostat
Column oven is used to keep the temperature of the column constant, and the temperature adjustment method is roughly divided into the following three types: Air circulation 2. Liquid bath (water jacket type) 3. No matter in what type of heating module analysis, of course, requires a high stability, high sensitivity, good reproducibility.
Analytical reproducibility, column efficiency
In liquid chromatography, dominate the column in the separation of ① distribution, ② adsorption, ③ ion exchange, ④ size exclusion and so on. These methods are based on chemical or physical equilibrium and depend on temperature. Therefore, by stably maintaining the column temperature, the equilibrium can be stabilized, and good reproducibility can be obtained in terms of sample separation, selectivity, and retention time. In general, temperature regulation is even more important because ion exchange columns are more susceptible to temperature than columns such as ODS columns.
Column pressure
As the temperature increases, the viscosity of the liquid will decrease. Therefore, by performing the analysis at a temperature higher than room temperature, the pressure at the inlet of the column can be reduced and the burden on the column can be controlled. Especially when using a polymer-based packing with low pressure resistance, be careful to lower the flow rate at room temperature.
Analyze the temperature stability
Some detectors such as differential detector, electrochemical detector, and conductivity detector are susceptible to temperature changes. Once the temperature of the mobile phase changes due to a change in room temperature, the baseline will be offset or bent and stable analysis can not be performed. The column temperature is kept constant, that is, the temperature of the mobile phase flowing into the detector is kept constant so that a stable analysis can be performed. According to the different detectors, there are also installed in the oven temperature detection section, improve the stability of the components.
In the meantime, since mobile phase can not fully maintain a certain temperature when the mobile phase passes through the column at a high speed of several tens of seconds, it is auxiliary for the mobile phase to be Install the heater on the flow path. In addition, the injector is also installed in the oven.
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By using the column oven, you can get a variety of effects. However, it should be noted that if the temperature of the incubator is raised too high, the service life of the column will be shortened, and the separation selectivity of the column may be worsened in some cases.

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