Bottle washing machine, washing machine (Laboratory general equipment)
For brush, plastic bottles, etc. Brush cleaning and flushing cleaning are used individually or in combination with special cleaning equipment.
According to different working principles, bottle washers are mainly divided into high-pressure bottle washers and ultrasonic bottle washers.
High-pressure bottle washer consists of stainless steel water pump, high-pressure nozzle, electrical box, etc. High-pressure jet backwashing is adopted. Contaminants in the bottle wall can be separated from the water tank and removed in time to achieve the purpose of cleaning.
Ultrasonic bottle washing machines can generate ultrasonic waves, and the ultrasonic radiation in the cleaning liquid can be used to dilute the inter-phase forward radiation, allowing the liquid to flow and generate tens of thousands of tiny bubbles. The impact of these bubbles can cause the contaminants on the bottle wall to fall off quickly. It is further removed.
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