Axial compression system
Axial compression system
basic concept
Axial compression means that the direction of compression of the piston during preparation of the column packing is the longitudinal axis, which is relative to radial compression and ring compression. Axial compression which the lowest cost, the highest effect.
The most prominent feature of axial compression column technology is the main one has a removable piston wall with a good seal. In fact, through the piston up and down movement to hold, to maintain the column pressure and unloading column, the piston is equipped with a special design around the ring can allow the piston up and down free East China, while maintaining high sealing pressure. Piston movement and pressure to maintain by the hydraulic or air column, the yuppie dynamic than the axial compression column spring power is more stable and more uniform. The column is filled with a homogenized mixture of the filler material in the column and then the piston is forced to compress the packing layer in the reservoir. Both ends of the column are equipped with a porous stainless steel filter plate and the sample and eluate are allowed to flow over the column Uniform distribution of cross-section of the distributor, the solvent from the other side of the sieve filtration and ruled out.
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