Automatic Potentiometric Encyclopedia
Automatic Potentiometric Encyclopedia

Automatic potentiometric titrator Automatic potentiometric titration is based on the principle of potential law designed for capacity analysis of a common analytical instruments.

Potential method is the principle: the selection of the appropriate indicator electrode and the reference electrode and the test solution to form a working cell, with the addition of titrant, due to the chemical reaction, the concentration of the measured ions constantly changing, indicating the electrode potential Change with it. In the vicinity of the titration end, the measured ion concentration mutation occurs, causing a sudden jump in the electrode potential, therefore, according to the electrode potential jump to determine the titration end point.

Instrument distributor and titration system for two parts, electronic meter using electronic amplification control circuit, the indicator electrode and the reference electrode potential with a preset endpoint of the potential compared to the difference between the two signals amplified titration System drops speed. The titration stops automatically after reaching the end preset potential. Instrument for the amount of computer control drops, the structure is divided into two major part of the electricity meter and titration system.

The basic instrument for potentiometric titration consists of a burette, a titration cell, an indicator electrode, a reference electrode, a stirrer and an instrument for measuring electromotive force.

Instrument use
1 for the laboratory application potentiometric titration capacity analysis; 
2 pH value or electrode potential control titration;
Automatic Potentiometric Titrator (Professional) [1] 
3 automatic potentiometric titration capacity analysis; 
4 pH measurement - For laboratory sampling to determine the pH of aqueous solution, or cosmetic PH value; 
5 Potential Measurement - Measure the electrode potential or other millivolt value.
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