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HTGD-20 small parallel to the twin-screw experimental extruder

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    Model NumberHTGD-20
    Small twin-screw extruder can be widely used in PE twin-screw extrusion, PP twin-screw extrusion, PET twin-screw extrusion, etc .; for plastic blending modification, filling modification, additive dispersion, fiber reinforced, Mixed reaction, polymerization, devolatilization and other processing areas, is the ideal high-precision, high-performance test equipment. Applications: Universal plastics, engineering plastics, elastomers and other materials mixing, mixing extrusion granulation; blending and modification of composite materials and reactive extrusion; high-performance polymer alloy mixing; polymer filling enhanced modification; new products , The development of new formulations; optimization of production process parameters; small production lines.
    1, extruder adopts international brand inverter motor drive, plastification stability, consistency is good;
    2, building block barrel and screw structure, process adjustment convenient and quick;
    3, quick-opening machine head and screen changer, clear material for network fast;
    4, the choice of internationally renowned brands (Dynisco) melt pressure, temperature sensors, high precision test data;
    5, based on the computer control system and friendly user interface, easy to control, more powerful;
    6, emergency stop device and a variety of safety protection to ensure operator safety;
    7, with the appropriate auxiliary machine, can be combined into granulation, rolling, casting film and other experimental line.
    8, high intelligence, easy to operate.
    Technical Parameters:
    Model: HTGD-20
    Screw diameter: 22mm
    Aspect ratio: L / D32,36,40,44
    Motor power: 5.5kW
    Maximum speed: 60 ~ 600rpm
    Temperature range: 350
    Temperature control accuracy: ± 1.0
    Melt pressure measurement range: 0 ~ 50MPa
    Melt pressure measurement accuracy: 0.2% F.S
    Output: 20kg / h
    Weight: 680kg
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