HM-510A intelligent BOD tester

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    HM-510A intelligent BOD tester
    The intelligent BOD measuring instrument 510A is based on the national standard: "HJ 505-2009 5-day culture method", using a simple, safe and reliable mercury-free differential pressure sensing method to measure BOD in water, completely simulating the degradation process of organic matter in nature, using L first The R&D process design and manufacture, fully intelligent design, this HM-510 intelligent BOD tester is suitable for sewage treatment plants, food plants, scientific research and other units.
    Technical Parameters
    Measurement item: BOD
    Result recording frequency: 6 minutes - 3 hours / time
    Measuring principle: mercury-free pressure difference method
    Measurement period: 1 day - 7 days
    Measurement accuracy: ± 8%
    Number of measurements: 6 groups
    Data Storage: Massive Data Storage
    Culture flask volume: 580ml
    Stirring speed: program control, magnetic stirring
    Measuring temperature: 20±1°C
    Measuring range: 0-4000mg/L
    Power configuration: AC220V±10%/50-60HZ

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