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HD-4A chromatogram acquisition analyzer

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    The automatic liquid chromatographic separation chromatography apparatus has a micro sample cell for continuous detection function. During the column chromatographic separation analysis process, the eluent flows through the sample cell. The chromatograph chromatograph HD-4A is also called a chromatogram acquisition apparatus and computer. The collector and chromatographic workstation can automatically draw the spectrum of the sample separation (absorption peak or transmission peak). At the same time, the distribution of the desired sample in the partial collector tube can be detected, and the column chromatography process can be monitored at any time. During the exploratory experimentation, the elution conditions were changed in time so that the best experimental scheme could be quickly achieved and finally the separation of biological macromolecules was achieved.
    1. Elution spectrum selection: for absorbance A, transmittance T%, AT% control real-time tracing, showing absorbance A value, transmittance T% value; display calculation amount, calculated area map, calculated dimensionless The amount of selected peaks can be calculated.
    2. Image scaling: View the absorbance A value and transmittance T% value at any point on the plotted spectrum; expand, compress, translate, save, and print the elution profile;
    3. Chromatogram collection: peak height, peak width, peak area, ratio of selected peak area to total area, volume content, selected peak area, and collection area area (collection range multiplied by peak height) , save time, etc.
    4. Time recording speed: experimental time prompt setting; drawing time without limitation; calculation of the eluted pattern area has been plotted; with the recorder's full function; linearity: less than ± 0.1%;
    5. Integral sensitivity: 1uV.sec; Sampling frequency: 30 times/sec; Sampled data is output to Excel; Graph ordinate axis unit is absorbance value
    6. The map of sample separation can be drawn automatically, and the distribution of the required sample in the partial collector can be detected at the same time.
    7. Using USB\COM dual data port, easy online operation, WIN2000/XP/VISTA/WIN7 systems are compatible.
    Technical Parameters:
    Chromatogram acquisition analyzer HD-A (single channel) can be connected to a UV detector at the same time
    Chromatogram Acquisition Analyzer HD-2A (Dual Channel) Can Connect Two UV Detectors Simultaneously
    Chromatogram acquisition analyzer HD-4A (four channels) can connect four UV detectors to work simultaneously
    Interface: RS232C serial port; input: 0-10mv; can be equipped with our company's HD-2000 UV detector, nucleic acid protein detector;
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