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GIPP-08 type beater aseptic homogenizer

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    Model NumberGIPP-08
    GIPP-08 type of aseptic homogenizer application areas: food microbial analysis; homogenization of animal tissues, biological samples, cosmetics; meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, biscuits; microbial analysis of drugs.
    1. The international leading pedal imprinting function makes the smashing more detailed.
    2. Box door: Four enhanced transparent windows to confirm the degree of crushing operation.
    3. Window sensor function (box door handle: start/stop function, red light when not closed).
    4. LED indicator for easy inspection of internal homogenization
    5. Pedal distance adjustment function: thick / thin samples can be completely crushed
    6. Tip function: (after the smash is completed, it will automatically beep)
    7. Confirm the function of running status, speed and time through LCD
    8. When the homogenization starts, the green light flashes.
    9. At the end of homogenization, the red light is on.
    Technical Parameters:
    1. Product model: GIPP-08
    2, the whole machine stainless steel
    3, high temperature protection: temperature rises to 80 ° C to terminate operation
    4, effective volume: 3 ~ 400ml
    5, specifications: W280 * D440 * H260mm
    6, slap spacing: 0 ~ 50mm adjustable
    7, observation window: 4
    8, embossed pedal: 2
    9, the whole machine weight: 18Kg
    10, speed adjustment: 1 ~ 10
    11, engine speed automatic adjustment function
    12, can be read & 1 second ~ 60 minutes, free to adjust:
    13. Implementation points: seconds or hours: selection of divisions (can be changed internally)
    14. When the Timer finishes running, it will beep (adjustable time)
    15. When the power is restored, run according to the remaining time (time memory function: store every 2 minutes)
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