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GC1290 Gas Chromatography

Product ID:FSqi040

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    Model NumberGC1290
    1.Control system: designed for monitoring and controlling the instrument via the computer.
    Column Compartment/oven with superior thermal performance, multistage (10 ramps) programmed temperature control function. (supported by “control system”)
    Advanced built-in data acquisition system , supporting real time instrument status monitoring, detection signal acquisition and PC control
    Column oven accommodates up to 3 chromatographic columns, and supports quick heat-up and rapid cool-down with automated back-door opening. (300
    to 50 in 7 min)
    Flexible sample introduction system: 3 sample injectors could be installed and operated simultaneously with independent temperature control.
    High sensibility and stability detector.
    2 independent and analog signals output.
    Clarity software, compatible with GLP/FDA-21 CFR Part11 requirements and regulations. (electronic records and signatures)

    Technical Parameters:
    Sample Introduction System   Sample injector and evaporation chamber
    Column Oven
    Temperature range Ambient temperature +7 ~ 400 (in 1 increment)
    Temperature accuracy 0.05
    programmed temperature setting 0.1~40/min (in 1 increment)
    Program ramps 7 ramps in total (10 ramps available with control workstation)
    Flame Ionization Detector 
    Detection limit ≤3×10-12g/s (C16)
    Drift ≤6×10-13A/h
    Thermal Conductivity Detector (TCD) Sensitivity ≥5000mV.mL/mg
    Baseline noise ≤20µV
    Flame Photometric Detector (FPD) Detection limit ≤8×10-13g/s(P) ; ≤8×10-11g/s(S)
    Drift ≤2×10-11A/30min
    Baseline noise ≤5×10-12A
    Electron Capture Detector
    Detection limit ≤2×10-13g/s (γ-666)
    Drift ≤80µV/30min
    Baseline noise ≤20µV
    Linear dynamic range ≥10-3
    Nitrogen-Phosphorus Detector (NPD) Detection limit ≤5×10-13g/s(P) ; ≤5×10-12g/s(N)
    Photoionization Detector (PID) Detection limit ≤1ppb(benzene)
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