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EP-2000 Ion Chromatograph

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    Model NumberEP-2000
    EP-2000 Ion Chromatograph 
    1. Modular combination design, users can choose different instrument combinations according to their needs.
    2. Touch the LCD to display the technical parameters. The instrument can set the parameters and run the instrument without a computer.
    3. The series double plunger pump can realize the simultaneous operation of the acid-base system, that is, the simultaneous detection of anion and cation.
    4. Parallel double-piston pump is adopted. The pump head is designed for screw-in installation. It is easy to disassemble and install without any tools.
    5. The infusion pump is equipped with an overvoltage protection program. Once the system is overpressured, the instrument can automatically stop running.
    6. Stop the operation of the instrument and the EDI will be automatically turned off. To protect the detection system security.
    7. High-pressure six-way injection valve, with automatic signal acquisition function, continuous flow operation, injection volume up to 1.0 microliter
    8. Built-in bipolar conductivity cell suppressor for zero dead volume detection. The continuous automatic regeneration membrane suppressor eliminates the need for external acid and continuously works continuously.
    9. Configure the constant temperature chromatography column to operate the separation system, suppressor and detection system at the same temperature.
    10. Wireless communication mode, any computer in a laboratory space can operate the instrument as long as the chromatographic working software is installed.
    11. Intelligent chromatography workstation EASY2016AIO, Chinese operation interface, data integration, standard curve production, unknown sample concentration calculation.
    12. Computer controlled instrument operation; operating parameter setting; data acquisition.
    13. Optional configuration of 24-bit, 36-bit, 60-bit 120-bit autosampler. In the automatic injection mode, the valve switching data acquisition is started synchronously.
    14. Manual manual injection mode, push-button start data acquisition.
    15. Connect the eluent generator.
    Technical Parameters:
    Detection limit: ≤1ppb (in Cl-) (can be as low as 0.1 ppb)
                      ≤20ppb (calculated as Na+)
    Baseline drift: ≤ ± 1% / hour
    Reproducibility: better than 2% (based on SO42-)
    Linear range: greater than 102
    Double plunger programmable advection pump
         Flow range: 0.01-9.99ml/min
         Flow stability: ±1%
         Pressure fluctuation: ±1%
         Big working pressure: 45Mpa
    Separation column:
          Seven anions were detected in 16 minutes: F-, Cl-, NO2-, PO43-, Br-, NO3-, SO42-
    Detecting Li+, Na+, NH4+, K+, Mg2+, Ca2+ and other cations in 16 minutes
    Membrane-column composite electric suppressor for continuous automatic regeneration
         Integrated thermostatic high performance conductivity cell to eliminate dead volume
         No regenerant
         Bipolar pulse conductivity detector
     Range: 0.01-1000μS
     Model: desktop, split machine
    Injection method: semi-automatic
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