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DX-2700BH multi-function diffractometer

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    Combined multi-functional X-ray diffractometers and high-resolution X-ray diffractometers are widely used in various fields of material structure analysis. The analyzed materials include: metal materials, inorganic materials, composite materials, organic materials, nano materials, and superconducting materials. The states of the materials that can be analyzed include: powder samples, bulk samples, thin film samples, and micro area micro samples. Widely used in clay minerals, cement building materials, environmental dust, chemical products, pharmaceuticals, asbestos, rock, minerals, polymers and other research areas.
    1.DX series diffractometer is designed for material research and industrial product analysis. It is a perfect product combined with routine analysis and special purpose measurement.
    Perfect combination of hardware system and software system to meet the needs of scholars and researchers in different application fields
    High-precision diffraction angle measurement system for more accurate measurement results
    High stability X-ray generator control system for more stable repeat measurement accuracy
    Various functional accessories to meet different test needs
    Programmatic operation, integrated structural design, easy operation, appearance of the instrument is more beautiful
    2. X-ray diffractometer is a versatile test instrument for revealing the crystal structure and chemical information of materials:
    One or more phase identification in unknown samples
    Quantitative analysis of known phases in mixed samples
    Crystal structure analysis (Rietveld structure analysis)
    Crystal structure changes under unusual conditions (high temperature, low temperature conditions)
    Analysis of thin film samples including thin film phase, multilayer film thickness, surface roughness, charge density
    Micro-area sample analysis
    Metal texture, stress analysis
    3. The combination of perfect quality and excellent performance
    In addition to the basic functions, the DX series diffractometers can quickly configure various accessories and provide superior analysis capabilities.
    High-precision mechanical processing greatly improves the reproducibility of the mounting position of the accessories. The software automatically recognizes the corresponding accessories and does not need to calibrate the light path. The attachment installation realizes plug-and-play, and the simplest operation can satisfy the special purpose measurement. need.
    4. Perfect combination of high performance and practicality
    Based on θ-θ geometry optics design, easy sample preparation and installation of various accessories
    The application of cermet X-ray tube greatly improves the operating power of the diffractometer
    Closed proportional counter, durable and maintenance-free
    Silicon drift detector with superior angular resolution and energy resolution, measuring speeds up to 3 times higher
    Rich diffractometer accessories to meet different analytical needs
    Diffraction meter automatic identification of various function accessories
    Modular design or plug-and-play assembly allows the operator to correctly use the diffractometer's corresponding accessories without correcting the optical system
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