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Dm1262 EDXRF portable sulfur detector

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    Dm1262 EDXRF portable sulfur detector
    X-ray fluorescence sulfur detector is a quantitative analysis instrument used in petroleum, coal, building materials, metallurgy, mining and other industries. It is mainly used to measure the content of total sulfur (s) in petroleum and its products, coal, cement, carbon black and other materials. Because it uses physical analysis method, it has the characteristics of fast analysis speed, no complex sample pretreatment, high precision, small human error, low labor intensity of operators, no pollution, etc., so it has been widely used and basically replaced the chemical analysis method.
    Dm1262 energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence portable sulfur detector is referred to as dm1262 EDXRF portable sulfur detector, which is developed based on the company's decades of research experience in X-ray fluorescence analyzers and the company's original sales of more than 1000 dm1260 X-ray fluorescence sulfur detectors. Like dm1260, it uses energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) analysis technology, small X-ray tube as excitation source, thin beryllium window gas filled proportional counter tube, secondary filter and special optical path system. It has automatic c/h ratio correction, suitable for a variety of samples, integration, large data storage capacity, fast and accurate analysis.
    1. fast and accurate – the required measurement time is very short, and the content results are generally given in tens of seconds. It has high reproducibility and reproducibility.
    2. low detection limit – EDXRF technology, low background thin beryllium window proportional counter, secondary filter. Lower detection limit reached.
    3. small and light – only about 5kg (including battery and printer), atmospheric atmosphere measurement, without auxiliary equipment, especially suitable for on-site rapid detection.
    4. long service life – it has extremely low power consumption and uses lithium-ion batteries, which can be used continuously for a long time.
    5. strong adaptability – automatic c/h ratio correction, matrix effect correction, suitable for a variety of samples. Automatic working curve switching, suitable for wide measuring range.
    6. long term stability – it adopts variable gain digital multichannel, with PHA automatic adjustment, deviation correction and other functions, and has excellent long-term stability.
    7. environmental protection and energy saving – ray protection meets the exemption requirements. No contact, no damage to samples, no pollution, no chemical reagent, and no combustion during analysis.
    8. easy to use – touch screen operation. The sample is directly put into the sample cup. After putting it into the instrument, just press the [start] key to truly realize one key operation.
    9. high reliability – integrated design, high degree of integration, strong environmental adaptability, strong anti-interference ability and high reliability.
    10. data transfer and storage – it can store massive data, support data retention after power failure, and can be viewed at any time. And can transmit the stored data to PC.
    11. high cost performance – no gas, vacuum, dilution, and extremely low operation and maintenance costs. The price is half of that of similar foreign products.
    Technical parameters:
    X-ray tube: voltage: ≤ 10KeV, current: ≤ 1mA, power: ≤ 10W
    Detector: ultra thin beryllium window proportional counter
    Detection limit (300s): 2.6ppm
    Measurement range: 3-9.99% of the detection limit
    Linear error
    Analysis accuracy: meet the relevant requirements of gb/t 17040, GB 17411, astmd4294, etc.
    System analysis time: 1~999s, recommended value: 300s or 600s for micro measurement, 100s for constant measurement
    Operating environment: temperature -10 40 , relative humidity ≤ 95% (35 )
    Power supply: 20.8ah, 11.1v built-in lithium ion battery pack, which can work for 5 hours under the measurement state
    Overall power consumption: ≤ 50W
    Size and weight: 242mm (W) × 258mm (d) × 142mm (H), 5.6kg (including battery and printer)

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