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ConST685 Intelligent Multi-channel Super Thermometer

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  • Model NumberConST685
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  • ConST685 Intelligent Multi-channel Super Thermometer
    ConST685 intelligent multi-channel super thermometer is a new generation of intelligent multi-channel super thermometer launched by Comsite. It highly integrates high-precision electrical measurement technology, intelligent interactive technology, and deep industry needs, and fully solves the field temperature and humidity field test. With recording, laboratory temperature sensor calibration and verification, it has many advantages such as high accuracy, multiple sensor coverage, rich functions, and convenient use.
    ConST685 can measure signals such as thermal resistance, thermocouple, thermistor, temperature transmitter, temperature switch, humidity sensor, pressure sensor, DC voltage, DC current and DC resistance, etc., in electric power, petrochemical, metering, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, biological It has a wide range of uses in operations, manufacturing, and scientific research in the fields of food, food and automobile manufacturing. It is an ideal choice for temperature verification and testing.
    1. 8-digit super thermometer, for 0 PT100 thermal resistance, temperature measurement accuracy is as high as 0.004, for 0 S thermocouple, temperature measurement accuracy is as high as 0.1;
    2. Up to 82 channels of scanning data collection, the fastest measurement speed is 10 channels/s;
    3. With RX/RS proportional measurement mode, it supports the verification ability of the second-class standard platinum resistance thermometer. For PT25, the temperature measurement accuracy is as high as 0.15mK under the condition of a proportional coefficient of 1.
    4. Simple channel expansion technology, do whatever you want, a DSUB cable can quickly realize channel expansion;
    5. Compared with traditional electrical instruments, it focuses more on precise temperature measurement characteristics, natively supports constant current source commutation, positive and negative signal measurement, parasitic thermoelectric potential elimination, 2, 3, 4 wire thermal resistance measurement, and internal cold junction compensation of thermocouples;
    6. Fully support thermal resistance, thermocouple, thermistor, temperature transmitter, temperature switch;
    7. The patented one-finger push terminal connection technology (utility model patent: ZL201821664780.X), without any tools, can quickly complete various forms of temperature sensor wiring such as banana plugs, bare wires, spade blades, MiniTC, etc.;
    8. Adopting advanced intelligent remote wiring technology, users do not need to walk repeatedly in the control room and work room to check the correctness of the checked wiring;
    9. Perfect human-computer interaction design, 10.1" TFT capacitive touch screen, resolution of up to 1280*800, full support for numbers, tables, graphics, curves, and other test features; one-key U disk upgrade, large-capacity storage, rich Communication interface, USB, LAN, WIFI are all available.
    Technical parameter:
    Product size: height 250mm×width 420mm×depth 200mm
    Weight: 8.4kg
    Power supply requirements: 220V/240V AC voltage shift pulley;
    47Hz~440Hz, power 50VA
    Environmental requirements: Working temperature: (0~50);
    Temperature range to ensure accuracy: (15~25);
    Storage temperature: -(20~70);
    Relative humidity: <90%;
    Altitude: less than 2000 meters
    Communication interface: USB-A, USB-B, LAN, WiFi
    Screen specification: 10.1"TFT color screen
    Buttons: Capacitive touch screen, no physical buttons required
    Scanning speed: fast: 10 channels/sec;
    Medium speed: 1 channel/sec;
    Slow speed: 1 channel/4 seconds
    Input protection voltage: 50V max
    Vibration and shock: vibration 2G, shock 4G
    Channel capacity: Front panel: 2 3/4 line channels;
    Can be embedded scanning device: 1;
    External cascadable scanning devices: 3;
    Temperature signal scanning device: 3/4 wire 10 channels or 2 wire 20 channels;
    Process signal scanning device: 1 standard reference channel, 9 transmitter or switch channels;
    Data acquisition trigger mode: internal, alarm, remote, automatic test
    Mathematical operation: Mx+B scaling and channel deviation adjustment
    Body storage: 8G, all stored data are time stamped
    Meet the standard: CE
    Operating system: WinCE
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