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CEL-GPPCN Gas Phase Photocatalytic System for Pollutant degradation

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    The CEL-GPPCN gas-phase photocatalytic system can realize the gas distribution and mixing of multi-channel gas. The mass flowmeter is used to realize any gas ratio according to the demand. The gas mixing chamber and pipeline temperature are controlled (<200), and the outlet pipeline adopts self-limiting temperature pipeline . The system adopts multi-channel gas distribution system, multi-stage mixing reaction, pressure-resistant all stainless steel pipeline, and the reaction part is equipped with various mixing kettles, reaction kettles, reactors, and photocatalytic reactors according to requirements to realize corresponding photocatalytic experiments.
    The gas-phase photocatalysis online test system is mainly used in continuous phase photocatalysis, gas-solid phase photocatalysis, gas-liquid reaction photocatalysis, especially in the fields of pollutant degradation, catalytic synthesis, sulfurization reaction, thermal catalysis and other fields. Specifically, it can be applied to photocatalytic nitrogen fixation, photocatalytic carbon fixation, CO2 photocatalytic reduction, photocatalytic degradation of acetaldehyde, catalytic degradation of VOCs, simple photothermal catalysis, etc.
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