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AF-610C atomic fluorescence spectrometer for Ultra-trace element analysis

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  • Model NumberAF-610C
    Brand NameYIMA
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    Technical performance and characteristics
    1. Simultaneous determination of three elements can be achieved
    2. Suitable for all types of trace mercury, arsenic, antimony , bismuth, selenium , tellurium , lead, tin, germanium , zinc , cadmium and other 11 kinds of elements or ultra-trace analysis
    3. The national initiative "efficient mercury removal device" environmentally friendly atomic fluorescence spectrometer, to effectively address mercury pollution , clean laboratory environment, to ensure the safety of the operation

    4.The cathode can be arbitrarily chosen single or double cathode common hollow cathode lamp two light sources
    5. The new pulse power supply, effectively improve the stability of the hollow cathode lamp , instrument drift lower
    6. A single pump control , continuous flow -way hybrid module structure - intermittent injection method [ patent ]

    7. The newly designed peristaltic pump injection system , the flow rate is stable, accurate, and reliable
    Three gas-liquid separation device 8. The use of advanced static type jet structure of [ patent ]
    9. Online hydrogenation reactions can completely eliminate the impact of bubbles , good gas-liquid separation, waste automatically excluded 

    10. The use of " all-ceramic furnace " and " Infrared heating thermostat control " quartz furnace atomizer [ patent ]
    11. The national initiative "low-temperature atomic " technology, argon, hydrogen flame lit automatically improve the sensitivity of the test element analysis , to reduce vapor interference, reducing the memory effect [ patent ]
    12. The new integrated pneumatic valve island , dual control, automatic protection , automatic alarm 

    13. Configure the direct determination of the company " gaseous mercury " special measuring device , enabling the air , natural gas , laboratory and work site and other gases Ultra Trace Mercury
    14. Configure the company " ultra-trace mercury in water samples " special measuring device can achieve surface water , seawater (
    type ,  type ) , water and source water , such as ultra-trace mercury in water samples measured directly
  • Suitable for trace or ultra-trace analysis of 11 elements such as mercury, arsenic, antimony, bismuth, selenium, tellurium, lead, tin, germanium, zinc, and cadmium in various samples
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