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3S-OT10 type ozone generator

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    3S-OT10 type ozone generator
    The 3S-OT10 ozone generator has an oxygen generator built in. High concentrations of ozone can be produced without the use of an oxygen cylinder.
    The 3S-OT series adopts a high temperature resistant intelligent titanium dehydrogenated quartz structure discharge single. The structure is extremely stable, has a long service life, and has the characteristics of high discharge efficiency and difficulty in damage in returning water.
    1. Using international advanced oxygen technology, the world famous manufacturer UOP Zeolite molecular sieve is used as adsorbent, and the pressure swing adsorption method (PSA) separates the oxygen in the air from the nitrogen and filters out harmful substances in the air. Thereby obtaining high purity oxygen.
    2. And greatly improve ozone production, purity and efficiency. Before the air enters the oxygen-making solenoid valve, the drying system is added, which greatly increases the service life of the oxygen generator.
    3. Ensure the purity of oxygen produced by the equipment and the output of ozone and prolong the service life of the equipment under humid conditions and conditions.
    4. Anti-oxidation devices are used for equipment components and pipes, which are resistant to oxidation and have a long working life.
    5, multi-stage air-cooled cooling, continuous and stable work.
    6. The equipment is equipped with a dual ozone concentration adjustment device, which can adjust the ozone concentration according to the actual situation.
    7. Built-in high pressure air pump can provide stable air source output.
    8, using the same forest patent power, to eliminate the impact of humidity, greatly extending the life of the equipment.
    Technical parameter
    Equipment model: 3S-OT10 type
    Equipment size: 500mm × 390mm × 1200mm
    Equipment power: 750W
    Ozone production: 10g/h
    Intake pressure: 0.05-0.1MPa
    Gas source: oxygen source (including oxygen generator)
    Ozone concentration: 0-50mg/L
    Equipment weight: 45kg
    Installation method: landing
    Ambient temperature: -20 ° C ~ 50 ° C
    Ambient humidity: <90
    Cooling method: air cooling

  • The 3S-OT10 ozone generator has an oxygen generator built in. High concentrations of ozone can be produced without the use of an oxygen cylinder.
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