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ZKX1 vacuum glove box

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    Model NumberZKX1
    Brief introduction:
    Purpose: in the process of scientific experiments, some of the material under the atmospheric conditions extremely easy oxidation and deliquescence, this makes the experimental material of chemical reactions and samples of the front-end processing is very difficult, test process and test results. Vacuum glove box (also known as vacuum inert gas operation box) to effectively solve these problems, the device can make the test sample can safely put in and taken out, and in the operation of anaerobic anhydrous conditions freely, reaction and test, to ensure the normal scientific experiments. The product is in colleges and universities, scientific research units, enterprises laboratory to carry out the scientific experiment, is an ideal instrument is widely used in biochemical, metallurgy, electronics, chemical, geological, mining, medicine and other departments.
    1. Stainless steel structure, corrosion resistant, easy to clean, no pollution.
    2. The window view the vast clear and bright.
    3. Cabinet equipped with porous socket, convenient for scientific experiments.
    4. Can be equipped with electric furnace in the oven, local heating.
    5. Operating gloves use thick latex gloves, reliable sealing.
    Technical indicators:
    Former level vacuum: 0 ~ 0.1 Mpa (magnitude 2.5 vacuum gauge) holding 12 hours
    Main body vacuity, 0 ~ 0.1 Mpa (magnitude 2.5 vacuum table) holding 12 hours
    Using gas: argon, helium, nitrogen purity (99.95%)
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