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ZDJ - 5B type automatic Potentiometric titrator for Potentiometric titration, Conductance titration

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  • Model NumberZDJ - 5B
    Brand NameYIMA
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    ZDJ - 5B type automatic Potentiometric titrator
    Brief introduction:
    1. Real-time display curve and the measured results about test method, measurement, dynamic display measurement curve
    2. Connect the automatic sampler realize automatic measurement and more samples painted the pH electrode automatic calibration
    3. Support the titration method of access, copy, edit, new function, allows the user to edit the titration process, create a special method of titration, satisfy the zetetic applications
    4. Support the double tube combination titration, painted meet customers' special requirements
    5. Support multiple measurement units, such as potential measurement unit, never stop measurement unit, conductance measurement unit, etc
    6 electrode automatic calibration, three point calibration, automatic identification of GB, DIN, NIST and other pH buffer
    7 interface management functions: support to create a shortcut, multi-channel to enter start measuring interface, support backlight Settings to adjust
    8 security management functions: support the power-off protection function, self-diagnosis function
    9 user management functions: password management, up to 8 a user's password
    10 Optional operation 10 languages: Chinese and English
    11 support equipment management, allow separate debugging, control and management
    12 kinds of firmware upgrade path, including the U disk directly upgrade; Allow the instrument  function extension and personalized requirements.
    Technical indicators:
    1. The measuring range: pH (0.00 ~ 14.00);
    The mV value: (1999.9 ~ 1999.9) mV;
    Temperature (5.0 ~ 105.0) ℃.
    2. Resolution: the pH value 0.01 
    The mV value: 0.1 mV;
    Temperature: 0.1 ℃.
    3. The electronic unit basic error:  ±0.01pH±1 word
    MV value: ±0.03% full.
    Temperature: ±0.3 ℃;
    4. The burette capacity tolerance: 10 ml burette: ±0.025 ml;
    20 ml burette: ±0.035 ml.
    5. The repeatability of titration analysis: 0.2%.
    6. The electronic unit repeatability error: ≤0.2 mV.
    7. The electronic unit stability: ± 0.3 mV / 3 h ±1 word.
    8. Control titration sensitivity: ± 2 mv.

  • The ZDJ-5B automatic potentiometric titrator  is a common analytical instrument for capacity analysis designed according to the principle of potential method.
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