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X-7800 high-end energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer

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    Model NumberX-7800
    X-7800 high-end energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer using advanced capacitive touch screen computer, from the ten point carousel automatic injection system, high-power integrated X-ray excitation system, high-resolution imported X-123SDD detection system, Filter and collimator automatic switching system, multiple cooling and ray protection system and other components, reflecting the perfect combination of beauty and practicality, coupled with our set of twenty-five years of research and development experience newly developed powerful analytical test software And detection capabilities to create this high-performance wide range of high-end rapid non-destructive testing equipment. Applications: Detection of heavy metals in soils, detection of grain and oil products, food safety testing, testing of Chinese herbal medicines and packaging of medicines, detection of sludge disposal, detection of heavy metals and toxic and hazardous substances related to environment protection, metallurgical steel industry, chemical industry and catalyst industry, Geology and mineral industry, cement and building materials industry, waste recycling deep processing industry, toxic and hazardous substances and halogen-free elements testing industry
    Speed ​​Detection: Configured by American Amptek's X-SDD123 detector system with high counting rate and high resolution, the detection speed and accuracy are greatly improved without preheating. The in situ analysis of soil heavy metal elements can be performed quickly, Play a quick screening investigation. Rapid screening within 1-3 minutes, 3-15 minutes to get accurate quantitative measurement results
    Non-destructive testing: Eliminate cumbersome manual and chemical sample preparation, reduce errors caused by manual operation, and preserve sample integrity while improving reliability and accuracy of inspection
    Field Test: Optional special power supply, to achieve car, the scene in situ AC power work or laboratory power outages, to achieve the detection and monitoring work done in real time
    Real-time data transmission: One machine is equipped with high-configuration LED touch-sensitive computer and powerful software functions, which can upload the test result test report and sample pictures to any place in real time in real time, which can improve the efficiency of real-time monitoring work
    Multiple radiation protection systems: Equipped with shutter sensor control device, sample chamber and shutter linkage control, software safety interlock; X-ray excitation system and instrument measurement work in synchronization, in the wrong operation or non-measurement time, X-ray excitation system into hibernation; The instrument uses a metal shell and multi-layer shield structure, effectively prevent X-ray leakage, to protect the safety of users.
    Easy to operate
    Automatic sampling system: Ten o'clock carousel autosampler, continuous automatic detection of ten samples, but also arbitrary selection of a single sample or multiple samples of the test, convenient and quick, eliminating the need for more manual operation
    Integrated design: The instrument integrates high-configuration LED touch tablet, become a truly complete, stand-alone instrument that is user-friendly and eliminates the need for external computer configuration to facilitate mobile use while avoiding Other software and viruses interfere with the system.
    Modes of operation: One-touch automatic mode and manual selection of test methods Two test modes, capable of meeting a single sample, large workload and diverse samples, often require targeted modifications to test methods
    Counting rate: count rate up to tens of thousands, up to 500,000. The high count rate can accumulate a large number of counts in a short period of time, making the detection time greatly reduced, while reducing the impact of statistical errors.
    Data is automatically saved: All samples will be automatically saved after the test data, the test results with traceability; easy to compare the historical spectrum with the current spectrogram to find incoming trends, to establish a higher risk prevention capabilities , And can establish an independent data system.
    Real-time data transmission and printing: to achieve real-time transmission of network measurement data; with a USB interface to connect the print data can also be wireless transmission print
    Technical Parameters:
    1. Analysis of the element range: Aluminum (Al) Element 13 - Uranium (U) Element 92
    2. Elemental Analysis Content Range: 0.01ppm to 99.99%
    3. Elements of simultaneous analysis: 35 elements at the same time analyze and come to accurate results
    4. Measurement sample type: solid, powder, liquid
    5. Detector: American Amptek company imported
    a) Detector Type: High Resolution X-SDD123 Digital Integrated Detector System
    b) Detection area: detection area 25mm2, crystal thickness: 500μm
    c) Detector window: beryllium window, 12.5 μm thick for better detection of light elements
    d) Detector resolution: resolution of 125eV
    6. Radiation source: The radiation source is a high-voltage power supply and X-ray tube integrated products, the target is silver Ag target, the maximum power 100W, the voltage range of 0-80KV, the current range of 125uA-1.25mA
    a) Voltage Regulation: ± 10% of the specified input voltage changes, the maximum output voltage changes of ± 0.05%; current from 125uA to
                 1.25mA changes, the voltage changes for the maximum rated voltage of ± 0.1%
    b) Current Regulation: ± 10% of the specified input voltage changes, the rated output current changes ± 0.05%; rated output voltage from 50%
                 To 100% change, the rated output current changes ± 0.1%
    c) Power Accuracy: Voltage Accuracy: Voltage error measured by X-ray tube within ± 2% of programmed value
                 Current Accuracy: Current error measured by X-ray tube within ± 2% of programmed value
    7. Filter system: a variety of filters combined with a variety of collimators for system optimization of various tests, with different elements coupled with the most efficient detection methods
    8. Stability: high stability, the relative standard deviation of RSD <0.03%, 8 hours peak drift less than 0.5, automatic peak correction (stability self-test function: the current stability of the instrument can be automatically tested and automatically Calibration deviation from the peak, so that the instrument to maintain accurate measurement of real-time state); self-induced high-voltage optical protection system to effectively extend the life of the instrument and enhance stability, 10 times the standard deviation of less than 0.05%
    9. Sample observation: HD industrial camera, positioning X-ray irradiation and real-time observation of the sample situation
    10. Humidity: ≤ 75% relative humidity, non-condensing
    11. Ambient temperature: 15 ~ 35
    12. Instrument Protection: Automatic over-voltage protection, automatic over-current protection, automatic overheating protection
    13. Input Voltage: AC 220V ± 5V, it is recommended to configure a dedicated AC purification power supply, so that the instrument is working without interference, higher accuracy
    14. Power: <130W
    15. Dimensions: 623 * 580 * 400
    15. Sample bin size: 360 * 306 * 128
    16. Weight: 50.5Kg
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