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WAYI Quaternary Low Pressure Liquid Chromatograph

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    1. Scientific channel ratio mixing control
    2. Precise column and liquid temperature control
    3. Optimized liquid compression dynamic compensation
    4. Flexible multi-module unit design
    5. Patented two-stage suspension plunger design
    6. Meet regulatory requirements Chromatography workstations
    Instrument composition:
    1. Four-element low-pressure gradient pump
    Reasonable cam curve design, cycle-by-cycle feedback correction, perfect realization of liquid compression compensation, to ensure accurate flow;
    The secondary suspension patent design ensures the long life of the seal ring;
    Accurate fitting of cam cycles and proportional mixing cycles to achieve high gradient precision;
    The scientific structure design automatically eliminates the impact of the valve switch, improves the accuracy of the mixing ratio, and adapts to the application of high-salt mobile phases;
    Accurate current control valve open response time, reduce heat dissipation, extend the service life of the proportional valve;
    The FPGA is precisely controlled and the switching cycle design of the solenoid valve is optimized to ensure the minimum ratio error between channels.
    2. Column thermostat
    Forced air bath heating/cooling technology eliminates the effects of environmental and column thermal effects to ensure the best results for the experiment;
    Active preheating technology, perfect control of mobile phase and column temperature;
    Compatible with the column switching valve configuration to extend the detection function as much as possible.
    3. Autosampler
    Full ring injection, partial injection, non-destructive injection, multiple injection modes are optional, and can meet the detection requirements of different sample volumes;
    Optional cooling module to ensure the stability of temperature-sensitive samples and the consistency of analysis and test results;
    Scientific structural design ensures the accuracy and linearity of sample injection.
    4. Detector
    UV-visible detectors, diode array detectors, and fluorescence detectors can be configured;
    The standard UV-visible detector designed by helium and tungsten lamps ensures full spectrum detection with high sensitivity. The 1800 line/mm grating and polished flow cell guarantee excellent detection signal to noise ratio.
    Diode Array Detector: Large-aperture aberration-free flat-field concave holographic grating and integrated aluminum-based lens ensure excellent optical performance and high acquisition frequency ensures the optimization of 3D spectrum.
    5. Chromatography software
    Meet the legal requirements of data security, integrity and traceability;
    Friendly interface, intuitive, highly scalable operation, and full fine management;
    Plug-in architecture design to support rapid device expansion.
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