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TGA1250 thermogravimetric analyzer

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    Model NumberTGA1250
    1. 7-inch wide touch screen operation, display rich information, including setting temperature, sample temperature, thermogravimetric signal, nitrogen flow, oxygen flow, a variety of switch status and other information.
    2. Gigabit Ethernet port communication, fast data transmission, versatility, reliable communication without interruption, support for self-recovery connection.
    3. Integral fixed furnace structure, without lifting the furnace up and down, convenient loading, adjustable heating rate can be adjusted.
    4. Under the balance weighing system, electromagnetic force balance principle; can be customized up to 50g sample loading system.
    5. External water bath protection, to ensure constant temperature balance.
    6. Platinum tray and platinum bracket, to achieve the true sense of the sample temperature reached 1250 degrees.
    7. Removable sample support rod flexible and replaceable to meet the different needs of users to facilitate cleaning and maintenance of contaminated samples.
    8. Dual temperature probe, to ensure high temperature measurement sample repeatability.
    9. Provide two gas switch.
    10. Standard standard sample to facilitate customers to calibrate the constant temperature coefficient.
    11. Software adaptive computer screen resolution, the software automatically according to the size of the computer screen to adjust the curve display. Support laptop, desktop; support Win2000, XP, VISTA, WIN7 and other operating systems.
    12. A powerful ZH series comprehensive thermal analysis software package (including the starting point temperature, termination point temperature, epitaxial temperature, peak temperature, area integral, full width at half maximum, enthalpy variable, enthalpy ratio, reaction kinetics, TG, first-order differential DTG and other functions), but also provides a powerful database management capabilities, data reporting, export EXCEL raw data.
    13. Support user self-programming, to achieve full automation of measurement steps. Software provides dozens of instructions, the user can according to their own measurement steps, flexible combination of the instructions, and save. Complex operation is simplified into a key operation.
    Technical Parameters:
    1 temperature range: room temperature ~ 1250
    2 temperature resolution: 0.1
    3 temperature fluctuations: ± 0.1
    4 heating rate: 0.1 ~ 80 / min
    5 temperature control method: PID temperature adjustment
    6 Balance measuring range: 10g
    7 Thermogravimetry: 0.1μg
    8 constant temperature time: 0 ~ 300min arbitrary setting
    9 gas control: nitrogen, oxygen two gas control
    10 Power: AC220V 50Hz or 60H or custom
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