TCO-270 edible oil quality tester

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    Model NumberTCO-270
    The TCO-270 is a portable measuring instrument designed for fast detection of frying oil usage. The measured TPM value (total polar component) reflects the degree of deterioration of cooking oil due to high temperatures during frying. The instrument uses a stainless steel package of integrated sensor probe can be inserted directly into the hot oil for testing. It can also display the temperature of frying oil, accurately indicate the actual oil temperature of frying oil, and correct the accuracy of frying pan with thermometer.
    1 advanced technical principles
    The use of capacitive sensor technology, the result is accurate, not subject to oil color interference.
    2 test convenient
    Directly into the hot oil measurement.
    3 high detection efficiency
    Detection time is less than 15 seconds.
    4 with alarm function
    Through the LED color, intuitive decision to pass.
    5 has a power display
    Remind users to replace batteries in time to avoid delay testing.
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