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SYJ-50 metallographic sample cutting machine

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    Model NumberSYJ-50
    SYJ-50 metallographic sample cutting machine is a CE-certified fast manual metallographic sample cutting equipment. It can cut samples through high-speed rotating grinding wheel. It is mainly used for cutting various metal material samples and is widely used in junior colleges. Institutions, research institutes, and steel, automobiles, machine tools and other fields. At the same time, this machine is also suitable for rapid cutting of various material samples such as resin and ceramics.
    1. With double quick clamp, it can fix the sample quickly and conveniently, and it is suitable for the fixing of crankshaft, valve and other complicated shape objects.
    2, the use of side pressure type operating lever, convenient and quick operation.
    3, the use of cutting room security lighting and transparent resin viewing window, not only to facilitate the observation of cutting, but also safe and reliable.
    4, using stainless steel countertops to prevent rust corrosion.
    5, with a multi-pipe cooling device, is conducive to rapidly take away the heat generated when cutting, to avoid the metallurgical sample change its metallographic structure.
    Technical Parameters:
    Supply voltage: 380V
     Power: 1.5KW
    Speed: 2800rpm
    Grinding wheel: Φ250mm×Φ25.4mm×2mm, Φ250mm×Φ32mm×2mm
    Cutting size: Φ50mm×50mm
    Size: 653mm × 462mm × 443mm;
    Weight: 85kg
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