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STX-1202 Desktop diamond wire cutting machine

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    Model NumberSTX-1202
    Brief introduction
    STX - 402 desktop diamond wire cutting machine is our company research and development, manufacture of a small desktop diamond wire cutting equipment. Can be used for crystal, ceramic, glass, stone, ore sample, PCB, refractory materials, composite materials, biological and biomimetic composite materials of brittle materials such as precision cutting, the biggest cut size can be up to 4 ". This cutting function to realize the high efficiency, high quality, it is a ideal equipment in the laboratory and production units.
    1. Particularly suitable for cutting high value, easy to be broken crystals, such as ZnO, BTO, YAG, BBO, slice the success rate can be as high as above 99%.
    2. Equipped with 2 d adjustable fixture, horizontal and vertical Angle precision of plus or minus 10 ', to ensure the accuracy of cutting orientation.
    3. With 80 m long diamond line reciprocating cutting, linear velocity between 0 to 2 m/s is adjustable.
    4. Also can use light of the metal cutting with abrasive slurry.
    5. Adopts stepper motor drive, automatic feed cutting. The cutting speed can be adjusted according to different materials, improve the cutting quality, and prolong the service life of the diamond wire.
    Technical parameters
    Cutting line length: 150 m
    Wire speed: 0 to 5 m/s is adjustable
    The workbench Angle resolution: 0.01 ° (0.6 ')
    Repositioning precision workbench: < 0.032 ° (0.92 ')
    Y axis stroke: 300 mm or less
    The Z axis stroke: 300 mm or less
    Y, and Z axis precision value for: 0.01 mm
    Cutting the details size: 300 mm x 300 mm Φ
    Size: 1075 mm * 892 mm * 1623 mm
    Weight: 300 kg 
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