SM100 biochip spot tester

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    Model NumberSM100
    Brief introduction:
    SM100 function biochip sample points using non-contact piezoelectric oscillation technology development, through the piezoelectric element converts electrical pulses to the piezoelectric element displacement change, so that the capillary sample point needle tip spewing tiny droplets and can be used for liquid precise trace of nL level, and capillary sample point needle can be replaced individually, ensure customers for different applications to provide the best solution.
    Technical indicators:
    Spot pattern: non - contact
    Driving mode: piezoelectric oscillation
    Sample volume: 1~10nl
    Dead volume: 3
    Sampling frequency: zui is 10Hz
    Micro nozzle diameter: 20~100 mm, can be replaced separately
    Sample size: >, 3 molar
    Sample viscosity: < 45 cp (80% glycerol solution, 26 )
    3 d platform
    X/Y/Z axis travel range: 200/150/100mm
    X/Y/Z resolution: 1 plus m
    Repeat positioning precision of X/Y/Z axis: 10 mm
    The other parameters
    96/384 orifice plate, 4 glass slide capacity, liquid drop status observation system, support BMP bitmap input mode.
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