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ScopeX® Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Analysis Device

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    Model NumberScopeX®
    ScopeX® Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Analysis Device
    LANScientific ScopeX is an X-ray fluorescence analyzer designed for the screening of hazardous elements under the RoHS / ELV regulations. It combines the world's leading halogen-free analytical techniques with the intelligent vacuum system for the best halogen-free test and utilizes X-ray excitation of light elements. Not only suitable for the detection of any halogen-containing hazardous substances in products, but also for all elements and ROHS analysis. With high precision, a wide range of elements can be analyzed, simple and fast test and so on advantages, users can get reliable and accurate results in compliance with international the latest standard.
    High sensitivity
    Accurate and reliable
    Hazardous substance screening
    Technical Parameters
    Test methods X-ray fluorescence analysis
    Test methods Energy dispersion type
    Test sample Solid, liquid, powder
    Test range ROHS elements: Cd, Pb, Hg, Cr, Br                         
    Sample cabin size 400*300*85mm
    Maximum sample weight 2.5KG
    Cover open way Automatic control
    X-ray generator
    X-ray tube                        High-power side window X-ray tube                      
    Voltage Maximum 50KV
    Current Maximum 1mA
    Cooling method Air-cooled
    Collimator 5mm,2mm,1mm,0.5mm
    Detector Type                  BOOST Si-pin detector                                            
    Cooling method Peltier cooler
    Sample cabin
    Working environment     Atmosphere, vacuum (optional), helium (optional)
    Camera 5 megapixel high-definition industrial camera
    Data Processing
    Mainframe                       Lenovo PC
    Internal Storage DDR4 4G Storage                                                    
    Hard drive capacity 1TB
    OS Windows 7
    Environment settings
    Temperature conditions  10°C~30°C
    Relative humidity 40~70%(Non-condensing)                                      
    Power supply 220VAC
    Rated power 100W
    Mainframe data
    Mainframe Size  570*400*350mm                                                      
    Mainframe Weight          25KG
    The main configuration:
    1. High-efficiency side window X-ray tube (W or Mo target).
    2. High-voltage power supply
    3. High-performance electric cooling Si-Pin detector.
    4. Large sample measuring cabin.
    5. High-definition camera.
    6. Automatic switching type collimator and filter.
    7. Computer, laser printer.
    8. Spectrum Analysis Software kit
    9. Standard Substance: System calibration sample
    10. Other equipment configuration: sample cup, test film, fuse.

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