RX-TDS210 industrial online conductivity meter

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    Model NumberRX-TDS210
    RX-TDS210 Industrial Conductivity (TDS) instrument can continuously measure and control the conductivity (TDS) value of industrial water. The device is widely used in scientific experiment equipment, chemical industry, pharmacy, environmental protection, metallurgy, papermaking, Beverage and water supply industries.
      According to the environment and characteristics of the water industry combined with international power supply standards, the electrical design specifications for special environments are taken into account, and the power supply options of 220V AC (RX-TDS210A) and safe low-voltage 24V AC and 24V DC (RX-TDS230) are added. (Supply voltage requirements can contact us custom oh)
    1, card board modular design, assembly and configuration more convenient
    2, using 2.4 inch 12864 dot matrix screen
    3, the use of isolated transmitter output, just stronger ability to interfere
    4, using isolated 485 communication
    5, EC / TDS can be measured, temperature measurement, upper and lower limit control, transmission output
    6, Configurable temperature manual, automatic temperature compensation
    7, can be set high, low alarm function, hysteresis
    8, can be set beep alarm, LCD backlight function
    9, increase the password lock screen function
    10, industrial control watchdog, to ensure that the instrument will not crash
    Technical Parameters:
    0.01 Electrode: 0.02-20.00us / cm
         0.1 electrode: 0.2-200.0us / cm
         1.0 Electrode: 2-2000us / cm
         10.0 Electrode: 20-20000us / cm
    Accuracy ± 1% FS
    Stability ± 1% FS / 24h
    Temperature measurement range -10-130 , accuracy: ± 0.5 , NTC10K or pt1000 temperature compensation
    Temperature compensation: -10-130 manual / automatic
    RS485 Function: Compatible with standard MODBUS-RTU communication protocol
    Power supply: AC220V ± 10%, 50HZ / 60HZ
    Alarm relay: AC220, 3A
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