QT-JS01 wind sand collector

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    Model NumberQT-JS01
    QT-JS01 wind sand collector USES wind energy to inhale sampling equipment used to collect dust in the air. Several sand traps are mounted on the same fixed bar to determine the vertical distribution of moving material in the air. The total amount of matter moving through the air in a given area can be calculated by vertical distribution. Horizontal distribution can be determined if multiple bars are set in the same area. The degree of soil erosion can be calculated from the level of soil erosion.
    • the sand inlet of the collection box can adjust direction automatically according to the wind direction.
    • there are 60 mesh screens above the sampler so that the material from the air remains in the collecting box as it passes through.
    The sampling efficiency test USES the yarn (diameter less than 0.84 mm) as the test material, and the results show that the collection box can collect 90% of the sand moving in the air, and the sampling efficiency is independent of the wind speed.
    Technical specifications:
    Collection box material: stainless steel
    Collection box sand inlet: 20 mm x 50 mm
    Overall height: 1.5 m
    Support material: carbon steel
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