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PT-5S Desktop Vacuum Plasma Cleaner

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    By plasma bombardment of the surface of the object, the object's surface can be etched, activated, cleaned, etc. The adhesion and welding strength of these surfaces can be significantly enhanced. Plasma surface treatment systems are now being used for the cleaning and etching of LCD, LED, IC, PCB, SMT, BGA, lead frames, flat panel displays. Plasma-cleaned ICs can significantly increase wire strength and reduce the possibility of circuit failure. Residual photosensitive resists, resins, solution residues, and other organic contaminants are exposed to the plasma zone and can be removed in a short time. The PCB manufacturer's plasma etching system performs decontamination and etching to remove the insulation in the borehole. For many products, whether they are applied to the industry. In electronics, aviation, and health industries, reliability depends on the bond strength between two surfaces. Regardless of whether the surface is a metal, ceramic, polymer, plastic, or a composite thereof, the plasma has the potential to improve adhesion and improve product quality. The ability of the plasma to change any surface is safe, environmentally friendly, and economical. It is a viable solution to the challenges that many industries face.
    Technical Parameters:
    Stainless steel cabin: Φ150mm×270mm
    Capacity: 5 liters
    Power supply: AC220V
    Working current: The whole working current is less than 1.2A (without vacuum pump)
    RF power supply: 300W
    RF Frequency: 40KHz or 13.56MHz Optional (Offset less than 0.2KHz)
    Frequency offset: less than 0.2KHz
    Characteristic impedance: 50 ohms, automatic matching
    Vacuum degree: 10Pa-1000Pa
    Gas flow: 60-600ml/min (adjustable)
    Process Control: MCU Automatic and Manual Methods
    Cleaning time: 1-100 minutes adjustable
    Power size 10%-100% adjustable
     Dimensions: PT-5S type _400x450x250
    Weight: 36.5Kg
    Vacuum pump: 2XZ-4
    Vacuum chamber temperature: less than 65°C
    Cooling method: forced air cooling
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