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MiniSmart handheld centrifuge

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    Model NumberMiniSmart
    MiniSmart handheld centrifuge
    1. The whole machine triple vibration----very low running noise;
    2. Small size and light weight - can be placed at will;
    3. Open the cover and stop, and turn the cover and turn it----use is simple.
    Technical Parameters:
    Model: HR220
    Name: MiniSmart Mini Centrifuge
    Maximum speed: 6500rpm
    Maximum centrifugal force: 2000g
    Rotor capacity: 6 × 1.5 / 2ml (including 0.5ml adapter) or 2 × 8 × 0.2ml
    Noise level: <47dB, triple shock absorption, ensuring smooth and low noise operation, more environmentally friendly and quieter
    Cover switch: Open the cover and stop, turn the cover and turn
    Dimensions: 12 (W) X13 (H) X14 (D) cm
    Power: 20W
    Net weight: 0.5kg
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