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LD-8M super large capacity refrigerated centrifuge

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    Model NumberLD-8M
    LD-8M super large capacity refrigerated centrifuge
    The LD-8M ultra-large capacity refrigerated centrifuge uses a large torque variable frequency motor for maintenance-free operation. Flexible shaft drive for smooth operation. Imported fluorine-free compressor unit, heating/cooling dual-loop control, precise temperature control. It is widely used in blood station, pharmaceutical factory, biochemistry, biological products and other production and research units, with a maximum capacity of 12 liters. It is an ideal instrument for large-scale blood separation, protein precipitation and cell separation and collection.
    · LCD touch screen, the interface is simple and clear, all parameters are clear at a glance
    · User-friendly design operation is convenient and fast, parameter setting direct digital input, accurate to one place
    · Intelligent status prompt bar to display instrument status in real time
    · Large storage space for up to 1000 program groups, 1000 usage records and 1000 fault records
    · Time display, year, month, day, hour, minute, second, convenient to use the record
    · The time unit is automatically switched, and the timing is counted and the countdown is switched.
    · 40-level lifting speed position, free parking can be set to meet a variety of centrifugal recycling requirements
    · Curve display: the running speed, centrifugal force and temperature curve are displayed on the same screen, and the change relationship is visible.
    · Password lock function, users can set a password to password lock the host or parameters to prevent others from changing
    · Rotor automatic identification system to prevent overspeeding of the rotor and ensure safety
    · Automatic conversion of speed and centrifugal force, on-screen display, no conversion required
    · With 22 kinds of protection functions such as door cover, over speed, over temperature, over current, over pressure, over temperature, etc., the voice text prompts and displays the solution at the same time, which is more stable and reliable.
    · Bring your own electronic manual, never lose, easy to use
    Technical Parameters
    Maximum speed: 8000r/min
    Maximum capacity: 6 × 2400ml or 400ml whole blood 18 bags
    Timing range: 1 ~ 9h59min / jog
    Dimensions: 900 × 850 × 1000
    Speed ​​control accuracy: ±20r/min
    Temperature control accuracy: ±1 °C
    Maximum centrifugal force: 11860Xg
    Temperature control range: -20 ° C ~ 40 ° C
    Noise: ≤60dBA
    Net weight: 560 Kg
    Power source: AC 380V 50HZ 35A
    Power: 7.5KW

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