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KH-3000mini full wavelength TLC scanner

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    Model NumberKH-3000mini
    1. Automatic light energy calibration, remind change insufficient energy sources;
    2. Automatically to light, keep the light source is always the strongest state;
    3. Automatic correction grating monochromator, keep the accuracy of the wavelength;
    4. The deuterium lamp, halogen tungsten lamp switch, ozone nitrogen purging can be avoid interference;
    5. With ultraviolet spectrum scan function, can analyze unknown substances, optimize scanning wavelength;
    6. USB data transfer, large amount of data transmission, the transmission speed;
    7. The workstation performance is strong, equipment full computer control, high degree of automation;
    8. The light source can provide continuous ultraviolet-visible spectra of 200 nm to 850 nm, wide wavelength range.
    9. Holographic grating monochromator with 1200 / mm, resolution and high spectral purity;
    10. The workstation can be samples, methods, the operator management, comply with GMP/GLP requirements;
    11. The workstation preset 2000, 2005 and 2005, 2010 version of the quantitative analysis of all the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), bring up the box;
    12. The seismic backplane, facilitate vehicle-mounted mobile use;
    13. Equipped with car power adapter, easy car power and battery power supply;
    14. The integration of computer, save a space, have a higher convenience;
    15. Box to open the door direction, scanning platform are considering the demand of managing space;
    16. With the commonly used drugs illegally added database, suitable for fast and mobile inspection;
    17. And share data can use WIFI, no cables, save space;
    Technical index:
    Measurement method: reflection method, fluorescence method, absorption method;
    Spectral range: 200nm~850nm (continuous adjustable);
    Light source: halogen tungsten lamp, deuterium lamp (automatic switching);
    Monochromator: holographic grating (1200 /mm), nitrogen purge function support;
    Spectral bandwidth: 5nm;
    Wavelength accuracy: 0.5nm;
    The minimum resolution is: 25 m;
    Measuring platform: 100mm x 100mm high performance thin layer chromatography plate;
    Scan speed: 50mm/s;
    Operating system: WIN2000/XP/7/8/10;
    Power interface: USB interface 300W 220V;
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