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KH-1600 type thin layer chromatography scanner

Product ID:FSbo002

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Supply Ability:20sets/mon
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  • Brand NameYIMA
    Payment TermsT/T western union paypal
    Model NumberKH-1600
    1. The color image, chromatographic curve, analysis of data series, very perceptual intuition;
    2. Mature, quality is absolutely stable, a debug high success rate;
    3. The product supplies, spare parts quickly enough, few failure;
    4. Cheap, far below the legal TLC scanner.
    5. All Chinese, fully automatic operation, easy to understand;
    6. Analysis speed, lower analysis cost, conform to the requirements of the CMP.
    Technical indicators:
    1.Scan mode: linear scanning;
    2. The wavelength range: 190-700 - nm (discrete);
    3. The monochromator: narrowband filter;
    4. The detector: charge coupled array detector;
    5. Test method: transmission method, fluorescent method;
    6. Software environment: WIN2000 
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