JT2011/JT2013 WBGT Index Tester

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    Model NumberJT2011/JT2013
    JT2011/JT2013 WBGT Index Tester
    WBGT is composed of three parts of black ball, natural wet ball and dry ball. It takes into account four factors: air temperature, wind speed, air humidity and radiant heat. JT2011 and JT2013 are high-precision thermal index test instruments independently developed by us, which can simultaneously test air temperature, self-wetting ball temperature and radiation temperature. The tester selects the current digital temperature sensor as the temperature acquisition end, and configures the standard 50mm and 150mm radiation black balls independently developed by our company, which fully complies with ISO and national standards, and can be verified by the National Metrology Institute.
    JT2011 uses a conventional water-filled wet bulb temperature sensor to directly measure the wet bulb temperature. JT2013 uses a water-free wet bulb temperature to ensure long-term online measurement without worrying about insufficient wet bulb temperature. Both models have built-in relatives. The humidity sensor can display the relative humidity of the air in real time, and can be equipped with 50mm or 150mm black ball spheres to ensure the testing requirements of different usage scenarios. The 485 communication interface can be more easily connected to your industrial control equipment or control device. The download and export of measurement data is realized through the interface.
    According to the standard
    GB/T 4200-2008 High Temperature Operation Classification
    "GB/T 17244-1998 Thermal Environment Evaluation of Operators' Thermal Load According to WBGT Index"
    GB/T 18977-2003 Thermal Environment Ergonomics Using Subjective Judging Scale to Evaluate the Influence of Thermal Environment
    GB/Z 2.2-2007 Occupational Exposure Limits for Harmful Factors in the Workplace Part II Physical Factors
    GBZ/T 189.7-2007 Workplace Physical Factors Measurement Part 7 High Temperature
    Sensor set and body split design for easy replacement of sensor sets
    Built-in relative humidity sensor measures air relative humidity in real time
    LCD with backlight for easy reading
    Sturdy integrated body with certain dust, water and fall protection
    3 scalable sensor channels for fast gradient measurement
    Replaceable 50mm and 150mm black ball spheres for a variety of occasions
    Chinese/English dual language menu options
    The user can calibrate the sensor by himself using the configured calibration device
    Optional water-added (JT2011) and water-free (JT2013) specifications
    Technical Parameters:
    Project: JT2011/JT2013
    Dry bulb temperature sensor: Measuring range: 0~120°C Accuracy: 0.5°C (0.2°C@10°C~40°C) Resolution: 0.1°C (PT1000)
    Black ball temperature sensor: Measuring range: 0~120°C Accuracy: 0.5°C (0.2°C@10°C~40°C) Resolution: 0.1°C (PT1000)
    Wet bulb temperature sensor: Range: 0~120°C Accuracy: 0.5°C Resolution: 0.1°C (only for JT2011)
    Relative humidity sensor: 0~100%RH Accuracy: ±3% reading
    Instrument storage: SD memory card
    Display: 2.8-inch LCD
    Storage interval: 1~60 minutes adjustable
    Executive Standard: GB Z T189.7-2007, GBT 934-2008 ISO 7243-2017 ACGIH EPRI OSHA
    Black ball diameter (mm): diameter 50mm or 150mm optional
    Power / Battery: 4 AA alkaline batteries or rechargeable battery / DC9V
    Appearance size (mm): 210x65x270mm
    Weight (g): about 1500g (host)
    Sensor extension (gradient): Scalable three-gradient measurement (simultaneous measurement of three groups of WBGT sensor groups)
    Sensor extension: standard configuration 5m
    Communication: RS485
    Language options: Chinese/English
    Unit selection: °C/°F
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