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JT-YD-3 tablet hardness tester for measuring the crushing hardness of tablets

Product ID:HZYJpjyd011

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Supply Ability:20 SETS/MON
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  • Model NumberJT-YD-3
    Brand NameTJSJTYQKJ
    Payment TermsT/T, paypal
    Technical indicators:
    Hardness test range: 2-200n 0.2kg-20kg
    Resolution: 0.1n 0.01Kg
    Hardness measurement precision: range 0.5%
    Tablet test diameter: 2-40mm
    Repetitive measurement error: 1%
    Number of test pieces per group: 100 pieces
    Unit of measurement: Newton N kg force Kgf (1Kgf= 9.81n)
    Interface: standard serial printing interface, with microtyping.
    Dimensions: length * width * height 500mm*400mm*160mm
    Main features:
    (1) high precision pressure sensor, to ensure the accuracy and reproducibility of the test.
    (2) choose high definition LCD display, display content is rich, users can enjoy intelligent operation according to the screen prompt, each operation process is given Chinese character prompt and quantitative indicators.
    (3) the measurement mode is optional: manual single chip/automatic continuous.
    (4) the system can achieve automatic tablet, automatic display, automatic locking, automatic reset, automatic cycle test, automatic linear error correction, automatic fault diagnosis.
    (5) strong data processing ability, can test the results of statistics, analysis, printing, display.The maximum, minimum, standard deviation, and range of variation of the test sample can be submitted to you.
    (6) Automatically calculate the chip back stroke, compress your test time.
    (7) measurement unit one key conversion (newton-kg).
    (8) new type of paper before the micro printer.
    (9) pet-name was used for convenient and rapid measurement of tablet diameter.
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