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HZ11CC100 portable somatic cell counter

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  • Brand NameBJXH
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    Model NumberHZ11CC100
    Product profile:
    Suitable for rapid counting of somatic cells in individual milk samples. The detection operation and calibration are very simple, and the detection cost is almost zero.
    Product features:
    One key operation without special training
    Rapid detection to get results in 5 seconds
    Without any auxiliary reagent, the cost of detection is near zero.
    Calibration completed in 30 seconds
    Miniaturization, humanized design, carrying and field use
    Very convenient
    Waterproof, shockproof, acid-resistant, maintenance-free
    Technical parameters:
    Detection speed: 5 seconds
    Input power: DC 9V
    Automatic compensation of sample temperature: 0: 45
    Display mode: LCD4 segment code
    Counting range: 0 ~ 5 x 106 / mL
    Weight of the whole machine: 435g
    Accuracy: 12%
    Long X wide X high mm:67 × 104.5 × 153
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