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HH-8 digital display thermostatic bath

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    Model NumberHH-8
    Brief introduction
    Electric thermostatic water bath is mainly used for laboratory distillation, drying, concentrating and soaking the chemical or biological products, can also be used for temperature and other temperature test, is a biological, genetic, viral, aquatic products, environmental protection, medicine, health, laboratory, analysis room, education and scientific research necessary tools.
    1. studio tank material of stainless steel, has excellent corrosion resistance.
    2. high precision temperature control, digital display, automatic temperature control.
    3. simple operation, safe use.
    Technical indicators:
    Model: HH-8
    Type: double row eight holes
    Power supply: 220V + 10% 50HZ + 2%
    Power: 1800W
    Temperature range: room temperature -100 range of arbitrary regulation
    Maximum error: + 1
    Temperature fluctuation: + 0.5
    Heating rate: from room temperature -100 not more than 1 hour
    Fuse current: 10A
    Studio volume: 610 × 320 × 110 (mm)
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