GWF-8JA Micro plasma analyzer

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    Model NumberGWF-8JA
    1. Can directly detect all kinds of charge injection, sterile powder and injection with a number of insoluble particles in the concentrated solution.
    2. With high-performance laser light source and light energy compensation circuit, ensure all kinds of colored colorless, transparent samples test precision.
    3 in 1 ~ 500 microns particle size range can be arbitrary set channel, meet the requirements of different areas of the particle detection.

    4. The adoption of advanced high-pressure injection pump injection system, can set the sample into the volume, according to the viscosity of the sample set sampling speed.Injection speed stability, high accuracy, is not tested product consistency.
    5. Equipped with special small injection test program, according to the labeling charge set of injection sample quantity, and after testing is completed automatically converted into the number of particles per container.
    Used 6. The set speed rotating impeller friction-free mixer, ensure the particles in different shape and size of the sample container distribution uniformity, and improve the accuracy of the data.
    7. Use large screen LCD display, Chinese interface humanization setting, powerful, can display multi-channel test data and information such as histogram.
    8. The automatic data processing and storage capabilities;Can access the lab operation platform for network management, also can connect the computer directly, using a dedicated data analysis software for data analysis and statistics.Meet GMP computer systematic validation. 

    Technical parameter
    Channel Settings: 2 microns, 4 ~ 6 microns or higher, or 5 microns, 8 microns, 10 microns or higher, or higher or greater 12 microns, 20 microns, 25 microns or higher, or higher or greater 50 microns;Custom channel, 1 ~ 500 microns can be arbitrary choice.
    Test range: 1 ~ 500 microns
    Count the range: 0 ~ 999999 grains
    Detection concentration: < 10000 / ml
    Sample volume: 0.2 ~ 1000 ml;5 ml + / - 0.5%;Custom size
    Injection speed: 5 ~ 80 ml/min, is adjustable
    Accuracy: specified value plus or minus 10%
    Channel resolution: > 95%
    Relative standard deviation, RSD < 2% (standard particle p 1500 / ml)
    Stirring speed: 0 ~ 2000 r/min, rotating impeller is adjustable
    Working temperature: 10 ~ 40

    Power supply: AC220V + / - 10%;50 hz.100 w or less
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