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GDR-10PM plasma cleaner

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    Model NumberGDR-10PM
       GDR-10PM desktop plasma cleaner is a small desktop plasma cleaner specifically developed for our laboratory needs. The PLC is controlled automatically by man and machine with built-in electrodes. It is widely used in plasma cleaning, etching, plasma plating, plasma coating, plasma ashing and surface modification. Through its treatment, the wetting ability of the material can be improved, a variety of materials can be coated, plated, etc., and the adhesion and bonding force can be enhanced, and organic contaminants, oils, or greases can be removed at the same time.
    Technical Parameters
     Equipment Dimensions: 600 (W) × 620 (D) × 400 (H) mm
    Tank structure (stainless steel, approx. 10 liters) : Φ210 × 300(L) mm
     Electrode area (with built-in capacitive coupling electrode): 100(W) × 200(D) mm
    Plasma Generator (Korea KM): Frequency 40KHZ, Power 0-200W Continuously Adjusted, Automatic Impedance Matching
    Control system: Touch screen (7 inch) + PLC single-step automatic control, using Omron, Siemens and other world-famous brand electrical components, and have manual, automatic two modes
    Vacuum system: Leybold vacuum pump D16C (20m3/h)
        SMC shutoff valve, inflation valve, Inficon pressure sensor
    Pressure Control: PID Closed Loop Automatic Regulator Control
    Pneumatic system: 2-way process gas configuration, electronic mass flow meter, needle valve, FITOK gas line
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