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G228E Textile tester _ soaping fastness to washing fastness tester

Product ID:HZFZxw004

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  • Brand NameYIMA
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    Model NumberG228E
    The product is used for all kinds of dyeing textile washing, color fastness to soaping and to dry cleaning large capacity test.
    Technical parameters
    Rotating frame center distance: 45 mm
    The rotating speed: 40 + 2 r/min
    Try a cup size: 550 ml / 1200 ml
    Time control range: 0 ~ 999 min + 1 s or less
    Temperature control: at room temperature to 100
    plus or minus 0.5 or less (digital temperature sensors)
    The machine inside and outside the stainless steel material, won't produce corrosion rust corrosion
    Widescreen LCD display, can record the sink temperature change curve
    Pce dry cleaning test fluorine rubber seal of corrosion resistance

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