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Finder Edge handheld Raman spectrometer

Product ID:FGlm011

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    Model NumberFinder Edge
    Finder Edge Series Handheld Raman Spectrometer was developed by Zhuoling Hankuang Instrument Co., Ltd. in response to market demand. As a new member of the Zhuo Hankuang Instrument Co., Ltd. spectrum family, it uses the latest space coupling Optical design, electronics design and integration of scientific chemometrics algorithms, and based on the purpose of quick on-site testing to ensure that the instrument is easy to operate, high performance, powerful, intelligent operation, easy maintenance, environmental practicality and so on . The instrument can be used in medicine, petroleum, chemical, environmental protection, food, materials, public security, national defense and other fields.
    1 non-destructive, rapid detection method - based on Raman spectroscopic fingerprinting technology, without sample preparation, accurate results can be given in seconds
    2 Designed for On-Site Inspection - Small, Portable, Durable, Direct Inspection Through Glass, Plastic Bag, Transparent, Translucent Container
    3 can be customized application software - users according to different industry characteristics and the use of functional requirements for customization, users can tailor to meet the user's habits of software
    4 customizable design - according to the needs of different industries testing, custom design for the user appearance (such as food safety inspection car OEM users, according to demand design)
    5 Operable without professional background - Designed and integrated into a powerful professional algorithm with a one-touch operation, just press the test button to quickly get accurate results
    6 long battery life - built-in rechargeable battery, continuous use in the field 4-6 hours
     Professional software, professional applications
    Detection type
     • Popular drugs
     • Narcotic drugs and other psychoactive substances
     • Unpublished chemicals that are often used to make drugs
     • Flammable and explosive chemicals
     • Highly toxic chemicals
     • Control of psychotropic substances
     • Regulate precursor chemicals
     • Often mixed with drugs
     • Explosive chemicals
     Biochemical agents
     Other chemicals
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