FE-35A core measuring instrument

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    Model NumberFE-35A
    FE-35A core measuring instrument
    The FE-35A core meter core measuring instrument is suitable for rapid measurement of the volt-ampere characteristics of amorphous and silicon steel transformer cores. It is equipped with a single-turn test tool for full inspection of the product.
    The product design uses an effective value conversion circuit to provide both sine wave and half wave waveforms, and the adaptation surface is more extensive.
    ● Especially suitable for rapid detection of leakage transformer core
    ● Suitable for measuring the volt-ampere characteristics of silicon steel transformer core
    ● Suitable for measurement of volt-ampere characteristics of amorphous transformer core
    Technical Parameters
    ● Power input: single phase 50Hz, 220V±20V, 1.0A
    ● Output frequency: 50Hz/60Hz selection, frequency accuracy: 0.05%
    ● Excitation waveform: two choices of sine wave and half wave rectification waveform
    ● Primary excitation current: 0~199.99mA and 0~1999.9mA
    ● Current accuracy: 1.0%, minimum resolution: 0.01mA
    ● Secondary induced voltage: 0~19.999mV and 0~199.99mV
    ● Accuracy: 1.0%, minimum resolution: 0.01mV

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