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EF-NH3 intelligent ammonia nitrogen analyzer for Laboratory testing

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    EF-NH3 intelligent ammonia nitrogen analyzer
    EF-NH3 intelligent ammonia nitrogen measuring instrument adopts high-performance imported light source, with high measurement accuracy and good stability, solves various stray light interference, large-screen LCD Chinese display, humanized display interface, simple operation, storage/waterproof Function, the main components are imported from abroad, applying laboratory testing, sewage treatment, colleges and universities, scientific research units in various industries; widely used in the determination of surface water, groundwater, domestic sewage, industrial wastewater, drinking water and other water quality. 
    (1) Quickly, efficiently and accurately detect the content of ammonia nitrogen in water, and read the concentration directly.
    (2) According to the latest national standard “Determination of water quality ammonia nitrogen, Nessler's reagent spectrophotometry (HJ535—2009)”, it is suitable for many testing standards at home and abroad.
    (3) It adopts imported high-brightness and long-life light source, and the life of the light source is up to 100,000 hours.
    (4) Large-screen LCD Chinese display, all settings, calibration, and recording operations are all implemented in the same integrated environment.
    (5) 100 standard curves and 5000 measured values ​​(date, time, parameters, test data) can be saved.
    (6) Memory standard working curve, the user can also calibrate the curve as needed.
     (7) The operation interface is more user-friendly, with the standard curve missing and factory reset function.
    (8) The outer casing is made of sheet metal, which is beautiful and durable.
    (9) It has data power-off protection function and data storage function, so that the measurement record can be queried at any time.
    (10) has a USB interface to transfer current data and all stored history data to the computer. 
    Technical Parameters
    Measuring range: 0.000-100.000mg/L, (over the range dilution test)
    Measurement accuracy: ≤±3% (F.S)
    Repeatability: ≤±3%
    Resolution: 0.001mg/L
    Light source life: 100,000 hours
    Optical stability: ≤0.001A /10 minutes
    Display mode: color LCD
    Power supply: 220V AC power supply
    Data communication interface: USB
    Detection method: colorimetric tube
    Dimensions: 300mm × 200mm × 120mm
    Weight: 2.65kg

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