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E3116R Refrigerated Centrifuge

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    Model NumberE3116R
    E3116R Desktop High Speed Micro Centrifuge suitable for 1.5 / 2.0ml centrifugal tube experiments, and is widely used in life sciences, medicine and chemical experiments.
     Brushless induction motor with low decibel. Quick in acceleration and deceleration.
     Waterproof motor to ensure stable operation.
     World famous compressor. Refrigerant brings effective cooling in low decibel.
     Teflon coated antrum. Excellent in anti-corrosion and insulation.
     Electronic inhaled lid lock design to make the opening easier. Compressor stops working    when lid is open to make sure the antrum is frost-free.
     Automatic rotor recognition device with speed limit, anti-locking system.
     User-friendly designed control panel. High resolution screen displays speed/rpm, rcf, time and temperature. Functions: pre-cooling, defrosting and flash centrifugal. 10 programming savings, 5 shortcuts, 9 velocity choosing and centrifugal status illustration.
    Security devices: auto lid lock, dual over-speed detection, imbalanced detection and motor over-heat detection, error codes display.
    Velocimetry hole on rotor lid for speed monitoring. It complies with GMP standards..
    Multiple choice of rotors.
    Technical Parameters
    Maximum speed: 16000rpm, stepping 10rpm, control precision ± 20rpm, the maximum centrifugal force: 24900 × g
    Maximum capacity: 2.2ml × 24
    Temperature range: -20 ~ + 40 , 0.5 step, when the maximum speed, the temperature can be kept at  4 , control accuracy ± 1
    Machine noise: <52dBA
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