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DX-27mini bench top diffractometer

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    Model NumberDX-27mini
    Designed for industrial production, quality control, advanced X-ray diffractometer technology, functionalization and miniaturization of desktop X-ray diffractometers. Accurately analyze metal, non-metal samples for qualitative analysis, quantitative analysis and crystal structure analysis. Especially suitable for catalyst, titanium dioxide, cement, pharmaceutical and other product manufacturing industries.
    Technical Parameters:
    Operating power: 600W (40kV, 15mA) or 1200W (40kV, 30mA), stability: 0.005%
    X-ray tube: Cermet X-ray tube, Cu target, power 2.4KW, focus size: 1×10mm, air-cooled or water-cooled (water flow greater than 2.5L/min)
    Goniometer: Sample level θs-θd structure, diffraction circle radius 150mm
    Measurement method: continuous, step, Omg
    Angle measurement range: θs/θd linkage -3”-150”
    Minimum step width: 0.0001”
    Angle reproduction: 0.0005"
    Angle positioning speed: 1500”/min
    Spectral resolution: less than 25%
    Counter: Closed proportional or high speed one-dimensional semiconductor counter
    The maximum linear count rate: ≥ 5 × 105CPS (proportional), ≥ 9 × 107CPS (-dimensional semiconductor)
    Computer: Dell Business Notebook
    Instrument control software: Windows7 operating system, automatic control of X-ray generator tube voltage, tube current, shutter and ray tube aging training; control goniometer continuous or step-by-step scanning, simultaneous diffraction data acquisition; conventional diffraction data Processing: Automatic peak finding, manual bee searching, integral intensity, peak height, center of gravity, background subtraction, smoothing, peak shape amplification, spectral comparison, etc.
    Data processing software: Qualitative phase analysis, fixed analysis, Kα1, α2 stripping, full spectrum fitting, peak selection, FWHM and grain size calculation, cell determination, second-class stress calculation, diffraction line indexing, Multiple plots, 3D plots, diffraction data calibration, background subtraction, non-standard quantitative analysis, full spectrum plot (WPF), and XRD diffraction pattern simulations.
    Scattering line protection: Lead + lead glass protection, light elucidation window and protective device, scattered line count not more than 1μSv/h
    Instrument stability: ≤ 1%
    Samples are loaded with soft data at one time: Configurator is configured to load up to 6 samples at a time
    Instrument Dimensions: 600 × 410 × 670 (w × d × h) mm
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