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DTS-17 High Resolution Stress Analyzer

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    Model NumberDTS-17
    The DST-17 X-ray stress analyzer introduced by our company provides the most reliable detection method for materials and their products. The residual stress and texture can be accurately measured on multi-domain material structures and irregular-shaped components. The instrument features high power, high resolution, and accurate measurement results.
    1. High precision diffraction angle measuring device to obtain the most accurate 2θ angle;
    2. Realize the residual stress measurement with the same inclination and roll method;
    3. Measure the same point X, Y direction of stress measurement automatically converted without the need to operate the sample;
    4. The number of sample measurement points can be arbitrarily set in the same plane, and the residual stress measurement can be performed automatically and sequentially;
    5. High-resolution SDD detector, when the target is fixed, it can realize the measurement of residual stress of various materials;
    6. Simultaneously configure the Si drift linear array detector to quickly complete the residual stress measurement;
    7.α rotation range is large, to achieve the lateral stress measurement, pole figure measurement;
    8. Built-in laser ranging locator, to achieve automatic sample positioning, repeatability is less than 3μm;
    9.CCD camera and laser-assisted positioning system make sample positioning easier;
    10. Instrument to achieve intelligent control, quick completion of residual stress measurement, easy to operate;
    11. Complete data processing software, which can edit Miller index, Young's modulus Poisson's ratio calculation parameters, to achieve accurate calculation of residual stress, 12.Half-peak width, austenite content. Professional software completes texture calculations and draws polar plots.
    Technical Parameters:
    2θ angle range: 110°-170°, horn angle range: 0-60°, horn angle range: 0-360°, α angle range: 0-70°. 2θ angular resolution to a minimum of 0.01°, repeatability of 0.0001°;
    X-ray emitter tube voltage: 10-60kV, tube current: 5-50mA; stability: less than 0.005%.
    Metal-ceramic X-ray tubes: Cu, Cr, Fe, Ti, V, Co, Mn, and other targets, in-ray circular spots: 0.2, 0.5, 1, 2 mm; rectangular spots: 0.5 x 3, 0.5 x 5, 1 × 3, 1 × 5, 2 × 3, 2 × 5mm and so on.
    The product meets the ASTM E915-2010, and EN 15305-2008 and GB7704-2008 residual stress analysis and testing standards, and the production process meets the requirements of the ISO 9001 quality management system.
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