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DK-400A headspace sampler

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    Model NumberDK-400A
    1. The new design, adapt to the new national standard
    Four heating design, each heating can be placed a 150 ml bottles, satisfying the requirements of the new standard.
    2. Good compatibility
    Can be connected at home and abroad of various types of gas chromatograph.
    3. The quantitative precision, high sensitivity
    Sampling pump to match the sample valve, negative pressure sampling, quantitative precision, high sensitivity.
    4. The sampling valve transmission line can be set and sample temperature, sample to avoid condensation
    5. Quantitative belt blow pipe sampling and sampling valve function, prevent cross contamination
    6. The microcomputer control, easy to operate
    Membrane keyboard input parameter value, at the same time, with the function of synchronous start data processing software.
    Technical parameters
    Quantitative ring size: 3 ml
    Placed the sample bottle number: 4
    The sample bottle capacity: 150 ml
    Repeatability: 5% or less
    Power: 800 w
    Weight: 20 kg
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