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DECO-VGB-304-2-O vacuum glove box

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    Model NumberDECO-VGB-304-2-O
    Brief introduction:
    "DECO - VGB - 304-2 - O" glove box surface adopts the whole operation of toughened glass panel, the user can get a better view in the process of operation, to achieve no dead Angle, greatly improve the maneuverability of the glove box, up to 20 mm toughened glass thickness, when the vacuum operation smooth surface deformation, and guarantee the sealing of the glove box gloves also set steel mechanism for glass surface, and set up the flap with gloves to protect gloves, 6 mm thick studio and excessive chamber as well as the high quality ball valves all adopted 304 stainless steel material, configuration is in and out of the air valve, vacuum gauge, power supply access, LED lighting and vacuum equipment.
    "DECO - VGB - 304-2 - O" with a good, strong operability, sealing genuine materials, wide application
    Technical indicators:
    Casing gas under pressure: 0.1 MPa ~ + 0.1 MPa
    The holding time: > 24 h
    Standard moisture content: 1 PPM or less
    Standard oxygen content: 1 PPM or less
    Leakage rate: < 0.05 Vol % / h
    Using gas: nitrogen argon/inert gas
    The gas purity: 99.9%
    Material: stainless steel 304
    The thickness of the steel plate: 6 mm
    Working tank size (length * width * height) : 760 * 610 * 700 mm
    Transition module specification (long *) diameter: 360 * 280 mm
    Glove hole diameter: 175 mm
    Window size (length * width * thickness) : 760 * 700 * 20 mm
    Power: 0.75 kw
    Voltage: 100-110 v / 220-240 - v
    Net weight: 155 kg
    Gross weight: 178 kg
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